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Our beginning dates back to the summer of 1891 with the discovery of Galena at the North Star Mine, which is now the location of the popular Kimberley Alpine Resort.

In 1892, four prospectors, E.C Smith, John Cleaver, Pat Sullivan and Walter Burchette discovered a high – grade out – crop of minerals to the west of the North Star Mine that became known as the famous Sullivan Mine. The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company (now called Teck Cominco) acquired the Sullivan Mine.

A small settlement called Mark Creek Crossing rose on the heels of the Sullivan Mine’s growth. In 1896 the settlement’s name was changed to Kimberley in expectation that the Sullivan Mine’s lead, silver and zinc deposits would be as rich as the diamond mines of Kimberley, South Africa.

In 1972 the community recognized that Kimberley’s mineral resources would eventually be depleted and turned to Kimberley’s spectacular recreational resources to sustain the community in the future. In 1973 the Bavarian Theme was adopted and the transition from a mining town to a popular tourism and recreational destination began.

Local dedication to the City's mining history is preserved at the Kimberley Heritage Museum through its fascinating displays and memorabilia.

The history of Kimberley was built on solid rock; its future is rock – solid.

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